Three of TV’s most badass young professionals


Inspiration for young professionals is everywhere…even on Netflix.

There are a lot of TV series that portray young professionals in various stages of life and career. Here are three of our favorites from among TV’s many badass young professionals.


Schmidt, New Girl


TV’s favorite fashion-forward, eccentric, and somehow lovable jerk is also an accomplished young professional. Schmidt’s almost manic dedication to his job – head of marketing at Associated Strategies – is a central plot point in many episodes of New Girl. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Schmidt’s intensity makes him one badass YP.



Rachel, Friends


Sure, Rachel’s story doesn’t begin in the professional world. But throughout the series, Rachel works her way from being a server at Central Perk to pursuing her dreams of fashion at Bloomingdales and eventually as an executive at Ralph Lauren. And even though Friends has been off-the-air for quite some time now, this still serves as an inspiration for anyone working currently service-level jobs. You go, girl.



Peggy, Mad Men


Soft-spoken Peggy Olson first enters the fictional advertising agency Sterling Cooper as a secretary to Mad Men’s main protagonist, Don Draper. Initially, she’s naive and seems likely to get eaten alive by her ruthless coworkers. But throughout the show’s seven seasons, Peggy evolves into a serious badass, making a name for herself in the industry and breaking ground for other women at the agency.



Who are some of your favorite young professionals from TV? Sound off in the comments!

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